Why should I consider luxury vinyl flooring?

Why should I consider luxury vinyl flooring?

If you need a floor covering that meets a wide variety of needs, all in the same product, luxury vinyl plank and tile are excellent options for every room. These products provide impressive appearances, superior performance, and a lifespan that genuinely works for you and your specific needs.

Luxury vinyl tile and plank you can use

The visual appeal you will find in luxury vinyl tile and plank ensures the perfect match for any décor or interior design. Products that mimic solid hardwood, porcelain tile, and all-natural stone, along with all the colors you expect from them in nature. Variations in hue, pattern, and format give you even more control over the results for a look that is entirely yours.

You will love the durability that comes standard with these floors, as well as the fact that you can customize options based on your lifestyle needs. These floors resist scratches, stains, dents, and dings, and with the perfect core material, can even offer complete imperviousness to water.

As you choose the perfect options for your flooring, you will find a lifespan that also caters to your requirements. With the proper maintenance and care, you can enjoy an average lifespan that averages 20 years or more.

Find the LVT and LVP you need today

Masters Carpet offers an excellent selection of materials that provide the performance you desire, with services to match every product we sell. If you have questions, our experienced associates have the answers you need and work alongside you for your successful results.

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