Does luxury vinyl flooring need and underlayment

LVT, or luxury vinyl tile, LVP, or luxury vinyl plank, comprises four layers: backing, core, image, and wear. The transparent wear layer determines durability since it protects the wood, stone, or ceramic image from stains and abrasion. Underlayment helps ensure peak performance of the flooring throughout its lifespan. Masters Carpet in Ogden, Utah, has a wide selection of LVT and LVP, and we install it with a brand-appropriate underlayment.

Underlayment and installation method

Most often, luxury vinyl is designed to be installed as a floating floor. This means that edges interlock so that the floor does not need to be fastened to the subfloor. Instead, underlayment or padding is placed beneath the planks or tiles or may come pre-attached. Glue-down and loose lay luxury vinyl, which butts together, do not need underlayment.

Benefits of underlayment

Since LVP and LVT are thin, a smooth surface is paramount to a successful installation. Underlayment provides this even surface, whether it is placed on an existing floor or a subfloor. Underlayment also enhances the performance of the flooring. For example, it provides insulation and an underfoot cushion, and it muffles sound. Many brands also act as a moisture barrier.

Types of underlayment

Premium luxury vinyl brands often have an attached cork underlayment. Foam and felt are less costly alternatives. Eco-friendly underlayment, made from recycled materials that do not emit VOCs, is also available. In addition, some brands are appropriate for use with a radiant heat system. In general, it's not a good idea to use an additional layer of padding with an attached layer. 

In addition to an experienced installation team, Masters Carpet has a creative designer on staff to assist you with your luxury vinyl flooring upgrade. We bring our products, including custom area rugs, and services to a wide area in Utah. Riverdale, West Haven, Harrisville, Marriott-Slaterville, Plain City, Farr West, North Ogden, Layton, and Clinton are serviced from this location. So come to our showroom in Ogden to enjoy our personalized service.